Saturday, October 31, 2009

BCE Snooker cues

Bce claim to be the biggest supplier of games tables in Europe which includes Billiards tables and cues . They also sponsor all the top names in Snooker and these players endorse the

Bce snooker cues. Names like Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins as well as the “old” timers” like Steve Davies and Jimmy White. They also supply the tournament tables for the big competitions under their Riley brand. Bce acquired the Riley Brand in 2002 and negotiated with world snooker to supply the tables for all the big televised Snooker events. The combined Riley and Bce brands now dominate the game.

So Bce snooker cues have a good pedigree and they have a huge range of cues from the Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jimmy White range of cues to their top of the range Riley Burwatt Gold range cues made from kiln dried American Ash and real ebony splices for the butt and the famous blue diamond tip which they use on all of their cues.

Riley Burwatt cue

The Bce range starts off with their Jimmy and Ronnie cues, endorsed by 2 greats of the snooker game, a quality basic cue at a budget price. Next we have the famous heritage series , great looking cues at reasonable prices. At the top of the tree, the premium range of Bce snooker cues is the Grand Master series, top quality cues for the serious player. Top notch ash shafts with hand spliced ebony butts, a top snooker cue from BCE, they look the business and any professional player would be proud to use one.

BCE Grand master cue


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